The first thing you need to know about us is that we’re the Step Change team.

Advertising is dead; long live marketing – welcome to the agency of the future. Sure we’re young, unconventional and even controversial; but if you’ve noticed, ads alone tend not to get you noticed much anymore.

To win the day, you need the best business supported by the best marketing, and we help our clients link the two together to create relevant branded experiences. Whether it’s digital or real world, you need to think and be predatory if you intend to both survive and thrive.


Essentially, we solve marketing problems. And because our clients are more defined by a mindset than a size, we have to be flexible enough to cater to how they want to work. A few of the ways we work are explained in our Products/Services to give you a feel of what we’re capable of, but if you’ve got a marketing challenge, let’s talk.

In a nutshell

We use marketing to give businesses the leverage they need to grow.

For marketing leverage to work in today’s marketplace there are two key elements: TALKABILITY – having a brand story that’s worth talking about, and SHARABILITY – being able to touch your customers at the right time, move them to a desired outcome and inspire them to share your message.

We have full service communications capabilities, but specialise as a strategic planning consultancy. We prefer working with clients who are in a growth phase or looking to make a 'step change'.

Our two main products are Business Growth Plans and Practical Marketing Plans -­ both delivered in collaborative workshops with clients in the room. We also run bespoke workshops focusing in on the power of collaborative creativity for innovative solutions to marketing challenges.

Our promise around creativity is better ideas, sooner and for less – and our clients seem to enjoy it.